Who are our services for?

Want to know who our services are for? We explain here.

Learn whether our services are for you

Unlike many other service providers, at Absolutely Write we don’t claim to be for everyone.

So in this article we’ll explain who our services are for so you can decide for yourself whether we are right for you.

The first thing to make clear though is that we are a B2B (business to business) service. That means our clients are other businesses, rather than consumers.

We exist to help these businesses become more successful and generate more sales, whether their customers are general consumers or, like us, other businesses.

As a B2B service, we meet and talk to hundreds of business owners and leaders every month, and are an active member of several national and local business groups, both online and in-person.

We know that B2B relationships are different from B2C (business to consumer) relationships and adapt our services specifically for your target audience whoever they may be.

In terms of our Write Answers Inbound Marketing service, as this requires a minimum commitment of six months (the usual amount of time needed to see the benefits of this strategy), it is more popular with established businesses that are focused on long-term sustainable success , rather than a ‘quick-win’ approach.

In most cases, these businesses have tried numerous forms of outbound marketing in the past, only to find that these activities have been expensive and time-consuming and haven’t delivered the results required. 

They come from a wide of different industries and sectors, but the common factor is the fact that they aren’t receiving the level of enquiries or sales they want or need.

By contrast, our Business Messaging and Case Studies services are more for established businesses AND start-up and early stage businessses and sole traders.

These clients are looking to better resonate and promote themselves to potential customers or provide the proof prospects are looking for when deciding to work with them or not.

In most cases, they have hit a wall in terms of growing their sales or are keen to ensure they are promoting themselves effectively and standing out from their competitors, whether they have been in a business for decades or have only just started.

Some clients choose to start with one of our custom Business Messaging ‘Pre-Marketing’ Reports – so they understand how to powerfully promote their services or products – before moving onto our Inbound Marketing and Case Studies services.

Others simply pick the one or two services that are of most value to them at the current time. At Absolutely Write there is no hard-selling, but instead a focus on making a positive difference to our clients whichever service or services they go for.