What makes Absolutely Write different?

Learn why we're not like any other marketing service that you've come across before.

The unique marketing service for your unique business

Every marketing service – like every other type of business out there – will tell you they’re different from their competitors.

But at Absolutely Write, we know we the opposite of other marketing services because of a host of very particular and tangible reasons, detailed below…

We look at marketing from a journalistic perspective

What this means is we are all about ethical and transparent communication, credibility and trust, and breaking through the noise of typical everyday marketing.

Read the article ‘Why using a journalist-led marketing service matters’ to find out more.

We focus more on customers and audiences than businesses


We believe that the vast majority of marketing done by businesses around the world is actually more focused on competitors than customers and target audiences.

All too often, businesses think that they need to market themselves in the same way as their rivals, and claim bigger or better things than them, rather than promoting themselves in a way that is meaningful to their prospects.

At Absolutely Write, we understand customers and target audiences and focus on what’s important to them. Our goal is not to make a company feel as if they are doing the right thing but instead to drive sales that prove that they are, which is only possible when the customer is at the heart of their marketing. 

We are open and transparent

Key principles of Inbound Marketing are openness, honesty, and transparency, which align perfectly with our values and ethics.

As you can see on this site, we don’t hide our prices, how we work, the type of businesses we work for, or anything else about our service and how we operate.

By doing this we attract companies and business owners who equally value openness and honesty, who are a perfect match for us.


We believe in better marketing

Sadly many companies around the world rely heavily on outbound marketing tactics that deliver a poor Return on Investment (ROI) or require ongoing time and money to yield any benefits.

We believe there is a far better way to get noticed, stand out from the crowd, and generate sales. 

And that way is to powerfully resonate and communicate with your target market (through getting your business messaging right), establishing yourself – and being seen as – an industry expert and thought leader (through Inbound Marketing), and by providing the evidence that your prospects are looking for (through compelling customer case studies).

This logical and evidence based approach saves businesses time and money, transforms how they see and promote themselves, and generates consistent sales each and every month. We believe it’s better marketing. 

We don’t claim to do everything

Many marketing agencies that you’ll come across claim to do everything for you.

We don’t. We focus on just three core services – Inbound Marketing, Business Messaging, and Customer Case Studies – that we believe deliver the most value and the best results to our clients, whether they’ve been around for years or are a sole trader just starting out.

Our specialist expertise in these areas has transformed businesses of all sizes from numerous sectors and industries, and led to numerous testimonials from clients (see our Reviews page for just a small sample of these).

In reality, many ‘full service’ agencies actually outsource much of their work to third parties in the UK or typically overseas, and don’t have the specialist skills in-house that their clients are looking for.

But as a well connected business, we know plenty of good quality service suppliers such as photographers, graphic designers, website developers, social media agencies, and digital advertising agencies (to name just a few) that we would be happy to put you in touch with regardless of whether you’re a client of ours or not.

We are not a digital agency

Over recent years, there has been a huge increase in the number of people setting up digital agencies, offering everything from online advertising management to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Absolutely Write isn’t a digital agency and knows that like many ‘full service’ agencies, many of these digital agencies are simply ‘front’ organisations outsourcing work for others to do. 

We also believe that many of the tactics used by digital agencies are short-term, expensive, and stop delivering any benefit the moment you stop investing time and money in them. 

For us, this isn’t sustainable or customer-led marketing so we don’t get involved in them. Instead we focus on three marketing activities that have been proven to deliver long-term results.