What is Write Answers?

Want to know what Write Answers is? We explain here.

All about Write Answers from Absolutely Write

You may have heard of Write Answers but were unclear what it actually is.

So we’re going to explain here exactly what it is clearly and simply…

Write Answers is the name Absolutely Write gives to its Inbound Marketing service that is based on the revolutionary ‘They Ask You Answer’ marketing strategy created by international business guru and speaker Marcus Sheridan.

With us being called Absolutely WRITE and the strategy being all about providing ANSWERS to potential customers, it seem logical (and perfect) for us to call our Inbound Marketing service Write Answers!

'They Ask You Answer' Inbound Marketing strategy creator Marcus Sheridan with Absolutely Write founder Arup Biswas
Write Answers

As explained in the articles ‘What is Inbound Marketing?‘, ‘What are the benefits of Inbound Marketing‘, and ‘What is the difference between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing‘, Absolutely Write’s Write Answers Inbound Marketing service is the opposite of the marketing most companies do.

Rather than pushing out a message to anyone that will listen in an increasingly noisy marketplace, it is about attracting potential customers to you by proving the information they are looking for and being seen as an industry expert. That’s why we sometimes call it ‘Magnetic Marketing.’

This approach not only builds your credibility and trust amongst buyers, but also (most importantly!) leads to unparelleled levels of sales. In addition, because you are providing the answers potential customers have, you significantly reduce the sales conversion time – the time between someone being interested in what you do and actually making a purchase. 

Write Answers from Absolutely Write is a unique and comprehensive ‘done for you service’, meaning we do everything involved in implementing this strategy for you, saving you valuble time and money (as well as bringing our Inbound Marketing expertise and experience to the party).

We use specialist online tools to research what your prospects and potential customers are asking about your service or product.

We compile a list of the suggested most important questions to answer, including many that no other company in your industry or sector have provided answers for.

We research and write perfect answers to the questions you’ve selected to cover, using our journalistic experience and skills to construct them in exactly the right way (most company articles and blogs are sadly written in the wrong way).

We deliver the completed articles to you ready for you or your web developer to post them on your site (we can make tweaks to the articles first if required as long as they don’t ‘break’ the principles of inbound marketing – impartiality, honesty, and value).

To find out more about how Write Answers Inbound Marketing from Absolutely Write can help your business, contact us today or arrange a free Zoom call with Absolutely Write founder Arup Biswas.