Pricing and Costs

Our open, honest, and transparent pricing information

Current pricing updated on 1/5/23

What’s included:

  • Discovery call / meeting to learn more about your business and priorities
  • Online research into questions being asked by your potential customers (updated every three months)
  • Development of most common questions list
  • Discussion with you to agree the questions to answers
  • Research into every question and creation of the perfect answers – on average 1,000 words each and all written in the right way
  • Delivery of answers to you at agreed regular intervals – weekly or monthly
  • Any revisions requested
  • Full ownership / copyright of the content
Absolutely Write - the Alternative Marketing Service

Ideal for start-ups and smaller businesses looking to dip their toes into Inbound Marketing.

1 Question and Answer Inbound Marketing Article per week
4 per month
£600pm fully inclusive 
(just £150 per article including all of the above)
Perfect for growing businesses that want to scale up their sales, authority, and online presence.
2 Question and Answer Inbound Marketing Articles per week
8 per month
£1,120pm fully inclusive 
(just £140 per article including all of the above)

The optimum package for established businessess that want to be the go-to company in their sector.

3 Question and Answer Inbound Marketing Articles per week
12 per month
£1,560pm fully inclusive 
(just £130 per article including all of the above)

The amount recommended by Marcus Sheridan, the creator of the ‘They Ask You Answer’ Inbound Marketing strategy.

More than 12 articles per month charged at £125 each. 

With Inbound Marketing, the more content you publish each week or month, the greater the benefits you receive (increasing website traffic, building trust and authority, and generating sales). It is also not a ‘quick fix’ solution; it needs time for search engines to index and surface the content and for your site to be seen as highly credible. For this reason, all Inbound Marketing contracts are for a minimum term of six months, giving you the time to see the amazing impacts of this strategy.

What’s included:

  • Discovery call / meeting to learn more about your business and priorities
  • Website content review
  • Analysis and definition of your Customer Benefits
  • Analsysis and definition of your Value Offering
  • Creation of your Core Customer Messages
  • Analysis and definition of your Unique Selling Points (USPs) – Stand Out Report only
  • Creation of your unique Business strapline – Stand Out Report only
  • Website content for upto 7 pages – Stand Out Report and Content Package only

Customer Essentials Report

The essential information you need to powerfully promote your business anywhere
£995 fully inclusive 
(delivered in just 7 days)

Stand Out Report

Everything you need to stand out from the competition and make an impact with customers
£1,495 fully inclusive 
(delivered in just 2 weeks)

Stand Out Report + Content Package

Everything you need to stand out from your competition PLUS powerful content for your website
£2,495 fully inclusive 
(delivered in just 3 weeks)

What’s included:

  • Liaison with your happy client
  • A friendly call with them to gather their feedback on your services and/or products
  • Creating the Case Study using their positive feedback and comments to highlight your expertise, skills, and approach (and much more)
  • Sending them a draft copy of the Case Study to ensure their 100% happy with it
  • Delivery of the client approved Case Study to you
  • Any revisions you want made (and we’ll even go back to your client to check they’re happy with the amendments you want made if they impact anything they’ve told us)

£495 fully inclusive

As explained on our Content page, we also create everything from website content to Press Releases, as well as undertake other proofreading and editing services. 

For these, we charge a per hour rate of between £50 and £100 per hour, with example costs as follows:

  • Website page – £150
  • Press Release – £125
  • Brochure content – £125 per page
Please contact us for a personalised quote for your content requirements.if you need any content creating for your business.
Why do we publish our prices openly online?

Inbound Marketing is all about removing doubts or concerns prospective customers have about a business, product, or service by providing them with the information they want and are asking for no matter how difficult it may be. 

Most businesses struggle with this concept and feel particularly uncomfortable when it comes to revealing their pricing openly. They believe that by doing so their competitors will gain an advantage and undercut them, or worse still, some potential customers will think they are too expensive (or even too cheap).

At Absolutely Write, as Inbound Marketing experts, we think differently. 

Of course, by being open about our pricing, competitors can see what we charge and could undercut us. 

But we know that customers that are just looking for the cheapest deal around are not right for us (because they are typically more interested in quantity than quality and are rarely interested in building a long term relationship).

We also know that the standard of the services we provide is exceptionally high (just see some of the testimonials on our Reviews page for evidence of this), so whilst other companies could potentially charge less, they can’t match us in terms of value, expertise, and skills. 

And in terms of potential customers thinking we are too expensive (or cheap), we believe it’s far better for them to have the pricing information to make this decision upfront rather than further down the line. 

Not only does this save them time but it also means we talk to prospects who already know we are within their budget, which is a win-win situation for both us and them.

We also hope that by being open about our pricing we are demonstrating our values, approach, and the type of service we are – and how we are different from other businesses.