Inbound Marketing

Be seen as experts, build trust, skyrocket traffic, and generate sales like never before

Marketing that works like a magnet pulling potential customers to your business

Is your marketing working for you?

Is all the time, effort, and cost you put into your marketing yielding the results you want?

If not, it’s likely to be because you’re focused on ‘Outbound Marketing’ that is highly competitive, ‘noisy’, and only really works when you continually spend time and money on it.

Read about the difference between Outbound and Inbound Marketing here.

Achieve unparalleled levels of trust, traffic, and sales with 'Write Answers' Inbound Marketing from Absolutely Write

With ‘Write Answers’ Inbound Marketing we position you as an industry expert and thought leader – and the no. 1 company or service in your sector – by tranforming your website’s blog section into a ‘Knowlege Centre’ or ‘Learning Hub’ packed with impartial and informative answers to questions your potential customers have but rarely ask directly.

Why does it work?


  • It is based on the principles of the ground-breaking book They Ask You Answer by ‘pool guy’ Marcus Sheridan that has transformed the fortunes of businesses around the world, led to tens of millions of pounds in new sales, and enabled many small local businesses to compete with (and often perform better than) multinational brands. 


  • You go from being viewed as just another company constantly trying to sell to customers to being seen as a trusted and popular ‘educator’ answering the questions your competitors don’t.


  • You stop UNDERESTIMATING the amount of information people and companies need before deciding to buy (research shows that buyers need far more information than you think and the more you provide, the higher the level of sales).


  • You stop OVERESTIMATING the level of knowledge of your potential customers (most companies assume buyers know far more than they actually do about their products or services).


  • When done right, your Knowledge Centre or Learning Hub acts like a magnet, attracting buyers who are (and have been) looking for honest answers to their questions but were too embarrassed or shy to ask (after all, who wants to feel like they are asking a ‘stupid’ question?).


We Research

We Research What Your Buyers Are Asking

We List

We Develop A List Of The Most Common Questions

We Write

We Research and Write The Perfect Answers

We Deliver

We deliver the Q&As to you for posting on your site

Absolutely Write - Write Answers 10 Questions and Answers, About

Write Answers option 1

1 Question and Answer per week

4 per month

4 customer-focused question and answer articles / blog posts each month. 

Ideal for start-ups and smaller businesses looking to dip their toes into Inbound Marketing.

£600 per month all-in

Absolutely Write - Write Answers 15 Questions and Answers, marketing

Write Answers option 2

2 Question and Answers per week

8 per month

8 customer-focused question and answer articles / blog posts each month. 

Perfect for growing businesses that want to scale up their sales, authority, and online presence.

£1,120 per month all-in

Absolutely Write - Write Answers 20 Questions and Answers

Write Answers option 3

3 Question and Answers per week

12 per month

12 customer-focused question and answer articles / blog posts each month. 

The optimum package for established businesses that want to be the go-to company in their sector.

£1,560 per month all-in

The amount recommended by Marcus Sheridan, the creator of the 'They Ask You Answer' Inbound Marketing strategy

Imagine attracting potential customers to you like a magnet 24hrs a day, 7 days a week without constantly trying to be seen and heard



We Research
We research what your buyers are asking
We List
We develop a list of the most common questions
We Write
We reasearch and write the perfect answers
We Deliver
We deliver the Q&A's to you for posting on your site