How do we work?

Want to know how we work at Absolutely Write? Here we tell you all about it.

The way we do things at Absolutely Write

As a specialist (and unique) marketing service, we do things very differently from other marketing companies and agencies. We focus on just three marketing services – Inbound Marketing, business messaging, and customer case studies -that enable our clients to attract more customers and grow their businesses without having to spend significant (and continual) time and money on mainstream ‘outbound’ marketing activities and social media. 

The way we work is centered around our unique approach to marketing. We don’t believe in pushing sales messages on potential customers or bombarding them with ads. Instead, we focus on substance rather than hype and look to make a lasting positive difference to our clients, many of whom are businesses who have been around for decades and previously tried every form of outbound marketing possible (with limited success). By doing so, we have built a reputation as a high quality, honest, and effective marketing service that makes a tangible positive impact.

Our inbound marketing service is at the heart of what we do. We create high-quality informative content – written in the right way – that provides value to a business’s potential customers. We research the topics that resonate with these prospects and focus on their pain points and questions. Our goal is to establish our clients as experts in their industry by being seen as the go-to company for honest and impartial answers in their sector.

One of the key benefits of this approach is that it attracts more qualified leads to a business’s website. By providing valuable content, written impartially and independently, businesses draw in potential customers who are actively searching for solutions to their problems and anwers to their questions. These potential customers are far more likely to convert into leads and ultimately become customers.


As covered on our Inbound Marketing page, we follow a four step process when undertaking this strategy for our clients, as follows:

  1. We research what your potential customers are asking about your service or product. This involves using online tools that show us the questions buyers have but rarely ask companies directly (after all, no one wants to feel foolish or embarrassed asking a ‘obvious’ question). We guarantee you’ll be surprised by the questions being asked that very few companies (in any) in your industry are answering!
  2. We compile a list of the top questions to answer based on this research and our skills as experienced journalists, and discuss this with you to agree the topics to cover. We also agree the frequency of the content, which can be as low as just one inbound marketing article per week (4 per month) to the recommended amount of three per week (12 per month).
  3. We research every individual question and create the perfect answers, written in exactly the right way. This is usually very different to the way most companies write their content!
  4. We deliver the content to you weekly or monthly, whichever you prefer. We are happy to make any tweaks requested as long as they don’t ‘break’ the key principles of Inbound Marketing (impartiality, honesty, and value).

But Inbound Marketing is just one piece of the puzzle. Another critical component of our approach is business messaging.

We believe that effective messaging is essential for communicating a business’s value proposition and differentiating it from competitors.

But unfortunately many companies get their messaging wrong, often focusing on promoting aspects of their business which are irrelevant to their prospects.

We work with our clients to refine their messaging and tailor it to their target audience. By doing so, we help our clients effectively communicate their unique value and benefits and stand out in a crowded market.

We do this by creating a unique business messaging ‘Pre-Marketing’ report for them which no other company in the world offers (we know this because we invented it ourselves!).

This explains to them how they are seen by their potential customers (based on our journalistic experience), what attributes and elements of their business to promote, and what messaging and language to use to really resonate with their prospective customer base. 

It enables them to see ‘the wood for the trees’ and focus on promoting their business effectively.

We also specialise in customer case studies. We believe that case studies are powerful tools for demonstrating the benefits and outcomes of a business’s products or services.

By showcasing real-world examples of satisfied customers, businesses can build social proof and credibility, which can be critical for earning the trust of potential customers.

We work with our clients to create case studies that highlight the value they provide to their customers and showcase their success stories.

As with our Inbound Marketing service, we follow a process when creating customer case studies for clients. This involves talking to your happy clients for you (with your and their permission of course), gathering the right information, creating the case study, sending it to your client for their approval, and finally delivering it to you to use on your website or in your marketing.

Case study proof 1

Our approach to marketing is not about hype or buzz. It’s about providing real value to our clients and their customers. We believe that by creating valuable content, defining business messaging, and showcasing success stories, businesses can succeed in today’s competitive and increasingly noisy marketplace.