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Background information about Absolutely Write


Absolutely Write is a unique customer-focused specialist marketing service that looks at marketing very differently to every other company out there.

Established in early 2021, our focus is on ensuring businesses powerfully resonate with their prospects by ensuring their business messaging is right, they are seen as leaders and experts, and they provide compelling and engaging reasons for customers to use them. 

We view our clients’ businesses from the customer’s perspective and provide the clarity and direction that they have been looking for but typically (and understandably) can’t find themselves because they are just too close to their organisation to see it as potential customers do.

Absolutely Write was awarded the title UK Marketing Specialist of the Year in the 2022 international Business Excellence Awards for its unique approach to business marketing.


Absolutely Write is led by Arup Biswas, a former UK national newspaper journalist with more than 20-years experience working in the media industry.

As well as having been an award-winning news reporter, he worked as a national press officer for Oxfam, and developed the digital content strategy for one of the UK’s largest newspaper groups (implemented across more than 300 newspapers in the UK and Ireland).

He gained a MBA from the world-leading Warwick Business School in 2012 and went on to hold several senior executive roles for private sector companies and international NGOs before establishing Absolutely Write.


Absolutely Write specialises in three dedicated services for businesses looking to transform their marketing, powerfully promote themselves to their potential customers, and win more customers.


We believe that most marketing is ineffective and delivers a very poor return on investment (ROI). This is not because the activities and tactics used are wrong (but in some cases they are), but because businesses have lost sight of (or never considered) what’s really important to their potential customers.

In essence, they think it’s all about promoting how great they are, rather than focusing on the factors that are important to their potential buyers.

Unfortunately this approach is evident from the content they use on their websites, the way they advertise themselves to the outside world, and in the language they use to promote themselves to their prospects.

At Absolutely Write we believe there is a much better way. We know using the right messages about your business, being seen as an expert and thought leader, and truly understanding how you are different from your competitors is essential. And we know that promoting the benefits that customers actually care about is fundamental.

We do what we do because we know from our clients that our services transform how they see their business and how they market themselves going forward.



Companies and business owners typically turn to us after they have tried numerous other forms of marketing and found none of them to be effective or financially sustainable.

They often “can’t see the wood for the trees” and have lost sight of the customer in their push to tell the world just how wonderful they are (and in reality, they are wonderful but aren’t promoting the right things about themselves in the right way).

We also help start-up and early-stage businesses and entrepreneurs who are desperately looking for clients and put in hours networking and on social media, but who have overlooked properly defining why customers should use them over anybody else.


We are based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (UK), and work with clients everywhere. In the age of digital communications and video conferencing, location is no longer a factor and all our services are delivered electronically.